Heather Wilson - Maker of Mad and Beautiful Things


My Latest Creation - Mooella de Ville Hat

I have wanted to make a half and half hat for a long time.
At last, here it is! I took a black hat, a white hat,
cut them in half and edged them, sewed them together,
added some feathers, ribbon, net, and a couple of cows.
Et voila! Mooella de Ville
(Well it was either that, or Cruella de Milk).


Heather makes finely detailed personalised paintings,
thought provoking, and sometimes funny decorative objects,
collages and keepsakes, weavings and murals.

Taking inspiration from the items we hoard and collect,

           Heather creates personal artworks, arranging the objects

               and memories gathered by the client, making them into

                        a celebration of life, a holiday or a special occasion. 


Heather is mainly known for her immensely popular
Personalised Name Pictures. These are finely detailed
watercolour paintings, with the letters of the name
set in one of many varied background scenes.


Details which can be included are: Date, weight,
time and place of birth; favourite toys, occupations,
hobbies. Family members and pets can all be put into the
picture (copied from photographs provided).

Not only for Babies, these pictures are perfect presents
for Weddings, Anniversaries and Special Birthdays,
such as 21st, 50th, 60th, etc.



Heather's hats are very popular, made to match your outfit,

                                                             all hand sewn, with no glue allowed!

                                                                Whether they are mad, or sensible,

                                                                   they are always a talking point!